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2020 Beacon Plan Goals

  • Quality, effective leadership of schools.
  • Equity, quality and excellence in educational outcomes for each student.
  • A Catholic population which is knowledgeable about its Faith and supportive of its schools.
  • Well qualified teachers in Catholic schools, especially in the areas of religious education and the Special Character dimension of the school.
  • Strong partnership between parish(es) and school(s) to support the revitalisation of the Church’s mission in the world.
  • Practical commitment to achieving positive bi-cultural relationships with Maori, and practical commitment to developing a resilient multi-cultural society.
  • Dynamic graduates from our schools who are committed to promoting the Good News in its various dimensions, with emphasis on: evangelisation, service, community and social justice.
  • A national system of schools which is proactive, and which positively interacts with Government, its agencies and with wider national networks.
  • Commitment to the long-term progress and development of the economically and socially disadvantaged.
  • Commitment to our ecological vocation to care for the earth for the good of all.

Adopted 1998
Revised 2006

Latest Updates

NZCEO Annual Business Plan 2016 - End of Year Report [pdf 685kb]

Catholic Education Convention 2018 Date confirmed – June 13th to 15th – more information to come over the next few months.

Copyright for Liturgical Music – guidelines from the National Liturgy Office about the legal requirements for reproducing religious music in schools and parishes