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Catholic Schools Day - 16th May 2016

Click here to view some photos of activities on Catholic Schools Day 2016


New Zealand Catholic Education Convention
June 10-12, 2015

NZ Catholic Education Convention 2015


This is a brief communication to thank the Catholic Education Community of New Zealand for its wonderful response to the invitation to participate in the 7th Catholic Education Convention.

It attracted over seven hundred trustees, principals, teachers, support staff, Bishops, priests, proprietors, and diocesan staff from all over New Zealand.  Additionally, there were also participants from the Pacific Island States.

The programme was very well received by delegates as stimulating ideas and practices, plus a whole dose of inspiration, filtered into the minds and hearts of those present.

Our New Zealand Catholic Education system is in good heart.  THANK YOU for the dedicated efforts you make to deliver a strong faith filled Catholic Education to the young people in your care.

What a wonderful vocation we all have as Catholic educators!!

Gratitude is expressed to all of those who made things happen at the gathering.

With support and best wishes,

Pat Lynch KNZM
Chief Executive Officer

Click here to see what happened at the 2015 Catholic Education Convention

Or visit the NZ Catholic Schools Education Portal (you are required to be registered for the portal to access this link)



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