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Guidance for Proprietors and their agents in running an Integrated school

The attached documentation is presented to enable those who are involved in running an Integrated school, with guidance which reflects the legislative obligations Proprietors have taken on as owners of an Integrated school.

Through their Integration Agreement with the Crown, Proprietors have entered into a partnership with the Crown based on various pieces of legislation.   It is obviously important that these obligations are carefully carried out given the legal basis of the relationship the Proprietor has with the Crown.

Proprietors and their agents are urged to familiarise themselves with these documents so they are better able to carry out their legal obligations.

The New Zealand Catholic Education Office as the agent for the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools is happy to provide support and guidance to anyone seeking information about these documents.

Pat Lynch
Chief Executive Office
30 March 2010

Ministry of Education - Association of Proprietors of Integrated schools Policy One Guidelines [pdf 1675kb]

Special Character Compliances Required of Boards of Trustees of Integrated Schools PART 1 [MSWord doc 60kb]
Special Character Compliances Required of Boards of Trustees of Integrated Schools PART 2 [MSWord doc 75kb]
Special Character Compliances Required of Boards of Trustees of Integrated Schools PART 3 [MSWord doc 65kb]

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National Report on Teacher Professional Development and qualifications in religious education and Catholic Character [pdf 226kb]

NZCBC Guidelines for Catholic Early Childhood Services April 2014 [pdf 207kb]

Auditor General's Report, released 15 May 2014. Part 5 State Integrated Schools update of progress in addressing matters that the Auditor General raised in 2012.

The scientific community's growing acceptance of God's existence
The Magis Center of Reason and Faith [pdf 95kb]

The Common Good Imperative [pdf 105kb]

Information Technology
Technology Integration in our SChools [pdf 85kb]
Educational Technology Tools Any Teacher Can Use Effectively [pdf 100kb]

Sport in Catholic Schools – Our Particular Ethos [pdf 1.43Mb]

Achievement Standards in Religious Studies
Achievement Standards in Religious Studies at Levels One, Two and Three of NCEA were registered by NZQA in November 2008, and are now available for schools to use with students. The text of the Standards is available at Use the drop down box on the right to find the Religious Studies Achievement Standards at each level.

National Catholic Bioethics Centre Statement on Vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) [pdf 2.7Mb]

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A brief history of the integration of Catholic Schools in New Zealand into the state system of schools [pdf 2.64Mb]

New Zealand Catholic Education Office - The Declaration [pdf 120kb]

A New Zealand Online Faith Community: FaithCentral
FaithCentral is an online Faith Community for teachers of religious education and students in New Zealand Catholic Secondary Schools.

Summary of the Gross Attendance Dues Rates for 2013

Ministry of Education link to give guidance on Attendance Dues reporting, a template for the financial statement and a list of lawful expenditure items.

Parish Priests and New Zealand Catholic Schools
A document from the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference for the guidance of priests, Boards of Trustees, principals, and DRSs in Catholic schools [pdf 99kb]

Careers and Vocations - Thoughts for Principals, Careers advisers, those responsible for career education, DRSs, and Chaplains in Catholic primary and secondary schools [pdf 105kb]

Catholic Schools and Ecological/Environmental and Sustainability Issues [pdf 95kb]

Values and virtues in Catholic Schools [pdf 1.2Mb]

Values Education in New Zealand Schools [pdf 265kb]
Sourced from the website of The New Zealand Principals' Federation

Bishop Peter Cullinane’s pastoral letter
Is There Something Missing in our Catholic Education and Faith Formation? [pdf 1.2Mb]

Directory of Catholic Internet sites: Theology Library
Keep track of what's new and interesting in Catholic Internet resources, including educational resources for young and old (under 'Evangelization'), on-line periodicals, recreation and humour, prayer and spirituality, Church history and theology, evangelisation and apologetics and much more.

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Prayer Help
This site of the De La Salle Brothers in Great Britain is beautifully organised, with a reflection and prayer for each day of the year. It also has good links, including education.
This is the prayer site of the Irish Jesuits. As well as a really good Ignatian prayer for each day it has posters to download!
A great general site with Catholic news, daily meditations, and a range of interesting links.

Independent Catholic News
This English site is reliable, has a wide range of topics including a lot of interesting links.

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Liturgy of the Hours
You can customise this site for local time and local Saints, and call up the appropriate Vespers, Compline etc for today.

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Make a Retreat in Cyberspace
Great links and resources, including weekly background to Sunday readings and sermon outlines.

Social Justice
Principles of Catholic Teaching - a Useful Reference List [pdf 45kb]

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Latest Updates

NZCEO Annual Business Plan 2016 - End of Year Report [pdf 685kb]

Catholic Education Convention 2018 Date confirmed – June 13th to 15th – more information to come over the next few months.

Copyright for Liturgical Music – guidelines from the National Liturgy Office about the legal requirements for reproducing religious music in schools and parishes