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Lighting New Fires

2017 Issues

August 2017 Issue Three [pdf 330kb] | Supplement Three [pdf 250kb]

May 2017 Issue Two [pdf 260kb] | Supplement Two [pdf 190kb] | Newsletter survey results infographic [pdf 135kb]

March 2017 Issue One [pdf 235kb] | Supplement One [pdf 190kb]

2016 Issues

December 2016 Christmas edition 2016 [pdf 220kb]

October 2016 Issue Four [pdf 235kb] | Supplement Four [pdf 203kb]

August 2016 Issue Three [pdf 310kb] | Supplement Three [pdf 225kb]

May 2016 Issue Two [pdf 170kb] | Supplement Two [pdf 310kb]

March 2016 Issue One [pdf 200kb] | Supplement One [pdf 98kb]

2015 Issues

November 2015 Issue Four [pdf 313kb] | Supplement Four [pdf 204kb]

August 2015 Issue Three [pdf 214kb] | Supplement Three [pdf 241kb]

May 2015 Issue Two [pdf 246kb] | Supplement Two [pdf 194kb]

March 2015 Issue One [pdf 250kb] | Supplement One [pdf 180kb]

2014 Issues

December 2014 Christmas edition 2014 [pdf 250kb]

October 2014 Issue Four [pdf 284kb] | Supplement Four [pdf 382kb]

August 2013 Issue Three [pdf 670kb] | Supplement Three [pdf 320kb]

May 2014 Issue Two [pdf 600 kb] | Supplement Two [pdf 420kb]

March 2014 Issue One [pdf 320 kb] | Supplement One [pdf 360kb]

2013 Issues

December 2013 Christmas edition 2013 [pdf 250kb]

October 2013 Issue Four [pdf 298kb] | Supplement Four [pdf 230kb]

July 2013 Issue Three [pdf 340kb] | Supplement three [pdf 255kb]

May 2013 Issue Two [pdf 820kb] | Supplement Two [pdf 248kb]

March 2013 Issue One [pdf 450kb] | Supplement One [pdf 300kb]


[ Archived issues of Lighting New Fires]

Latest Updates

NZCEO Annual Business Plan 2016 - End of Year Report [pdf 685kb]

Catholic Education Convention 2018 Date confirmed – June 13th to 15th – more information to come over the next few months.

Copyright for Liturgical Music – guidelines from the National Liturgy Office about the legal requirements for reproducing religious music in schools and parishes