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Other Publications

Code of Ethics - For staff and Boards of New Zealand Catholic Schools [pdf 55kb]

NZCEO Annual Report 2016 [pdf 630kb]

NZCEO Annual Report 2015 [pdf 890kb]

NZCEO Annual Report 2014 [pdf 1.46Mb]

NZCEO Annual Report 2013 [pdf 870kb]

NZCEO Annual Report 2012 [pdf 900kb]

Teacher certification A3 poster [pdf 250kb]

Be the Difference - be a Catholic School Teacher A3 poster [pdf 840kb]

New Zealand Catholic School Location Guide A3 poster [pdf 4.6Mb]

The Declaration of the proprietors of Catholic Schools in New Zealand on the essential characteristics of Authentic Catholic School education - A3 Poster [pdf 84kb], Brochure [pdf 120kb]

The History of Catholic Education in New Zealand - brochure [pdf 4.5Mb]

Catholic Schools in New Zealand brochure [pdf 850kb]

NZ Catholic Schools Philosophies [pdf 1.2Mb]

Being a staff member in a New Zealand Catholic School [pdf 1.6Mb]

Virtues and values in New Zealand Catholic Schools[pdf 1.2Mb]

2020 Beacon Plan Goals [pdf 74kb]



Latest Updates

NZCEO Annual Business Plan 2016 - End of Year Report [pdf 685kb]

Catholic Education Convention 2018 Date confirmed – June 13th to 15th – more information to come over the next few months.

Copyright for Liturgical Music – guidelines from the National Liturgy Office about the legal requirements for reproducing religious music in schools and parishes