There are plenty of opportunities to teach in a Catholic school. The Catholic network has 237 schools: 188 primary and 49 secondary schools–covering pretty much every community in New Zealand. Some of our schools are the highest achieving in New Zealand.

Catholic schools have tagged and non-tagged positions. Tagged positions require the teacher to be Catholic and a regular member of a parish community as attested by the parish priest or a chaplaincy.

To speak to someone about becoming a Catholic school teacher, talk to a teacher you trust, visit your careers counselor at school or contact your diocesan Catholic Education Office (see next tab).

The main tertiary institutes for Catholic studies in New Zealand are The Catholic Institute (TCI) and Good Shepherd College. Both offer a number of on-line/by distance options. TCI has more information about papers that can help you teach in a Catholic school.

A Bachelor of Theology from Good Shepherd College or a graduate diploma from TCI will help those interested in teaching Religious Education.


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Depending on the sector you choose and how you prefer to learn, you can study online or on campus, full-time or part-time. Whichever path you take, you will need to complete an Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programme.

You can choose from a range of ITE approved programmes:

  • Undergraduate degrees of three or four years
  • Undergraduate diplomas of three years (in early childhood education)
  • One-year graduate diplomas if you already have a relevant qualification at level 7 or above.

Visit the Education Council website for more information about becoming a teacher: