Dear Colleagues,

We were all shocked to learn last week of the tragic loss of life in the motor vehicle accident that killed three members of the Bethlehem College community as they were going about their generous aid project for a school community in western Kenya.

Now that the bodies of the victims have been returned to Tauranga for their upcoming funeral rites, the Integrated Schools community of New Zealand publicly expresses its collegial sympathy to the grieving families and the College community in its great loss.

At the same time we offer our active support to the College as it goes about supporting the rest of the group that was involved in the motor accident.

We applaud the College’s leadership, in particular, Principal, Eion Crosbie, for the gracious way in which he has handled the media dimension of what has occurred – we are all proud of him.

In conclusion, we offer our prayerful support in this very difficult time.

Patrick J. Lynch