8 September 2010

Proprietors of Integrated Schools
Principals and Staff of Integrated Schools
Interested Parties

Dear Colleagues,


This is a brief update on the state of our Integrated schools in the Canterbury region.

Overall, our schools have escaped major damage as a result of the earthquake. Several have significant damage and one will not be able to be used for a long time. In this instance students will either be relocated or some other provision made for their ongoing education.

Superb work has been done by the respective Proprietors, Principals and Trustees of each of these schools to ascertain the safety issues that have had to be addressed. At the same time excellent interaction with the Ministry of Education at national and regional levels has also been occurring.

The Minister of Education, The Honourable Anne Tolley, has orally been in touch, expressing her empathy, support and good will for our Integrated schools – this has been sincerely appreciated.

Most schools will probably be open by Monday 13th. This, however, will be dependent on civil and medical authorities being satisfied that safety, water and sanitary issues are at a satisfactory operational standard. Effectively, Boards of Trustees will be guided in their decision making about opening their schools by local and regional authorities.

There is no doubt that psychological and sociological pressures are significant issues for many adults, and particularly children in the region, as the trauma of what has happened and continues to happen, becomes more apparent.

On behalf of our national Integrated school system, support, good will and empathy are extended to all of our Canterbury colleagues. We are all in admiration for the way in which they have handled this unexpected disaster.

Offering you all support and best wishes.


Patrick J. Lynch