18 May 2010

  1. The 240 Catholic schools throughout the country will celebrate Catholic Schools’ Day on May 19th. The occasion is one where each school actively acknowledges its connection with the Catholic national system of schools comprising 66,000 students.
  2. The theme of the day is, “Be the Change”. This is a rallying call challenging each school to reflect and review what they are doing to ensure delivery of an education which is engaging for students, enabling them to grow into contributing global citizens.
  3. Part of the ethos of Catholic schools is to nurture leadership skills in students so they are able to make the world a better place through creativity and service to others.
  4. By being part of an international brand which is networked throughout the world, Catholic schools place great emphasis on excellence and achievement, underpinned by values which are widely recognised as foundational for a fulfilling and happy life. The schools make no apology for placing an emphasis on spiritual and faith development as the dynamo for positive action in New Zealand society and in the world at large.
  5. The vast majority of our schools will mark the special day in some way or other.

Patrick J. Lynch