30 January 2009

The recent inauguration of President Barrack Obama not only marks a dramatic milestone in American history, it also represents a recurring theme where inspiration provided by a leader taps the aspirations of many millions of people, not only in the United States of America, but elsewhere in the world.

Human beings always respond to being challenged, particularly when they see that their lives and the lives of those about them can be bettered. If the 21st century is calling out for anything it is deeply receptive to leaders, at whatever level in society, who put before people a vision for the betterment of their world and at the same time provide the inspiration to do something about it.

Inspiration is not a commonly found commodity. It is however, found in the behaviour of mentors and achievers. Principals and teachers are in privileged positions to provide the inspiration many young people require to spark their engagement with the world and to set them off on the path to success.

As the world faces financial uncertainty, principals and teachers are able to demonstrate that with inspiration, resilience and hard work, their charges will be able to better cope with the challenges they encounter.

History has taught us that the strongest asset we all have is the human spirit’s capacity for enduring hope in the face of adversity. This is a lesson all schools have the responsibility of conveying to their students.


Patrick J. Lynch