In 2016 the Ministry of Education ended their First Time Principals programme, changing it into a mentoring programme. NZCEO stepped in to begin a New Principals Programme in early 2017 for new Principals in our Catholic schools. This programme complements the diocesan and regional Ministry support by providing specific information about the operation of an integrated school with a Catholic special character. Topics so far have included similarities and differences between state and state-integrated schools, appraisals, planning for ERO, property, budgeting, strategic planning and in October, will look at the Board of Trustees and school partnership.

The role that experienced Principals have played in the programme has been invaluable. They have prepared and given presentations via video conference, answered questions and led discussions, and generally have been generous with their time and knowledge. We thank the following: Trina Eastwood (St Gerard’s, Alexandra); Annie Nelson (St Mary’s, Gore); Sandra O’Conner (St Joseph’s, Hastings); Graeme Roil (Hamilton Diocese); Mike Dowd (St Joseph’s, New Plymouth); Teresa Edwards (St James, Palmerston North)

The programme puts new Principals back in a learning environment and helps them understand that there are peers on the same pathway and support is available from many sources.

The sessions are available on You Tube, and the office can provide links to the documents referred to in the presentations. Contact for more information about the titles of the You Tube presentations, and the document links.