All of these publications are accessible on the ERO website.

School Trustees Booklet: Helping You to Ask the Right Questions

Focuses on the role the board plays in student achievement and wellbeing and includes questions and information to guide board discussion.

Communities of Learning / Kāhui Ako Resources: Collaboration to Improve Learner Outcomes

Summarises what international evidence tells us about effective collaboration in education communities, and draws together what ERO knows about COLs so far. (January 2017)

Communities of Learning / Kāhui Ako in Action January 2017

Reports on what ERO has learned from schools that are already members of a COL.

Communities of Learning / Kāhui Ako Working towards Collaborative Practice
Appraisal as a Catalyst for Improved Learner Outcomes (December 2016)
Extending their Language – Expanding their World: Children’s Oral Language (birth-8 years)

Summarises international evidence.

School Leadership that Works

Cites key evidence from research and further illustrates the leadership domain of ERO’s School Evaluation Indicators (December 2016).

Effective Internal Evaluation for Improvement

This revised booklet gives an overview of the processes and reasoning required for effective internal evaluation. (December 2016)

School Evaluation Indicators

The indicators were revised in 2010. This publication provides further information on how evaluation assists schools to improve.