Achievement Standards in Religious Studies at Levels One, Two and Three of NCEA were registered by NZQA in November 2008, and are now available for schools to use with students.

The text of the Standards is available at on the NZQA site: click here to access. Use the drop down box on the right to find the Religious Studies Achievement Standards at each level.

The Religious Studies standards have been developed for a diverse Aotearoa New Zealand and need to be able to be used by all schools and all students – by those with a specific religious affiliation as well as by those who have none but wish to acquire knowledge and understanding of religions. This is viewed as important in the context of globalisation and of the migration of people of different faiths and cultures to Aotearoa New Zealand. Understanding religions contributes to understanding how belief systems function in societies and to the fostering of an inclusive society in Aotearoa New Zealand that reflects the histories and traditions of all its people.