Project Description

The following videos feature teachers from Catholic schools throughout New Zealand talking about why they chose to become a teacher and their experience of teaching in a Catholic school. They have been created:

  1. For students: to encourage young Catholic school students, from as early at Year 7, to consider teaching as a career and working in a Catholic school a professional goal,
  2. For staff reflection: to help teachers in Catholic schools consider how they think and talk about their profession with one another and in front of or with their students, and
  3. For parish communities: to recognise the immensely important work that happens in our schools, to the credit of teachers, staff, senior leadership teams, Principals, Boards and the wider community.

Also accompanying the videos is a PowerPoint presentation that schools can use in the staff room, with the videos embedded and discussion questions for staff.

Once teachers have discussed the videos, we believe it would be helpful to show to students in class with time for discussion or in assemblies. (Research indicates that many students make decisions about their careers as early as years 7 and 8.) We believe both primary and secondary students would enjoy discussing the possibility of teaching in a Catholic school. Staff may pick and choose which video/s they show.

We would love to see schools engaging with the videos e.g. watching the video as a group during staff meetings, discussing the material, agreeing on action items to make changes in their school (if applicable).

Parish communities may also enjoy seeing and learning about our schools and we encourage everyone to share the videos.

We welcome feedback via email (

PowerPoint presentation for schools