Project Description

The following forms and letters have been updated since the 2017 changes to the Education Act (1989). The are provided for school and Boards of Trustee use.

“S” forms have been approved by Proprietors for use when a tagged position is being filled. It is essential that teachers fill in the form when applying for tagged positions in Catholic primary schools. The Diocesan Catholic Education Office needs this information to determine the teacher’s acceptability. Secondary school boards also use the “S” form so that they can decide which applicants fulfill the requirements of the tag.

S464 Form (downloadable Word document)

S467 Form (downloadable Word document)

Appointment letters ensure all requirements are correctly stated.

Principal Permanent

Principal Fixed Term 

Deputy Principal Permanent (Primary)

Deputy Principal Permanent (Secondary)

Deputy Principal Fixed Term (Primary)

Deputy Principal Fixed Term (Secondary)

DRS Permanent

DRS Fixed Term

Teacher Permanent (Untagged)

Teacher Permanent (Tagged)

Teacher Fixed Term (Untagged)

Teacher Fixed Term (Tagged)

Support Staff Permanent

Support Staff Fixed Term

Caretaker/Cleaner/Canteen Workers Permanent

Caretaker/Cleaner/Canteen Workers Fixed Term