The special character of state integrated schools, as enabled by Schedule 6 of the Education and Training Act 2020 and their individual integration agreement, means that the school needs to undertake additional requirements in the employment process. These extra requirements include additional wording in their advertisements and employment documentation, and where the position is a special character position, the need for an additional form to accompany the application form.

Please visit the NZSTA Resource Centre for information regarding appointments in state integrated schools. NZCEO advise all boards to consult with their NZSTA employment advisors if they have any questions about the employment process.

Special Character Position Form (“S” form)

Applicants for special character positions are required to fill in a form which is to accompany their application form. The special character position form asks the applicant to specify qualifications and experience related to Catholic Special Character and to nominate three character referees who may be consulted by the Proprietor’s Agent.

The forms have been approved by Proprietors for use when a special character (tagged) position is being filled. It is essential that teachers fill in the form when applying for special character (tagged) positions in Catholic primary schools. The Diocesan Catholic Education Office needs this information to determine the teacher’s acceptability. Secondary school boards also use the form so that they can decide which applicants fulfil the requirements of the special character tag.

Schedule 6, CI 47 Form (previously S464)

Schedule 6, Cl 50 Form (previously S467)

Please note the term “tagged positions” is being phased out. “Special character positions” is the term now used.

Appointments in state-integrated schools

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