All State and State-integrated schools are eligible to join All-of-Government (AoG) contracts. Over 800 schools are already using one or more contracts.

The contracts cover a number of goods and services, including:

• IT hardware

• Electricity

• Print services

• Office supplies

• Banking services

• Reticulated gas

• Rental vehicles

• Motor vehicles

AoG contracts are not mandatory and schools have the choice to pick and choose which contracts will deliver the best value. Joining costs nothing and you will not be locked in to the contract.

If you would like to join, visit the MOE website for more information or email:


EdPay is being rolled out to schools in groups, and new features are added as they are built and tested. There are now 200 schools using EdPay, and its features include new hires, terminations and updating employees’ contact, role and financial details.

A new help feature ‘Eddy the Kererū’ has recently been added, which provides hover hints and tours of EdPay’s features. Over the remainder of term 3 and term 4 almost all schools will be offered access to EdPay, and additional features will be added.

EPL has been touring the country giving demonstrations and collecting feedback from groups of school administrators. Several adjustments to EdPay have been made on the advice of schools, and all feedback is welcomed. Schools using EdPay still have access to Novo forms, and to their dedicated payroll adviser. Most Novo forms will be phased out toward the end of term one 2020.


The Ministry Of Education has introduced Small & Isolated Schools Programme, a response to sector feedback that small and isolated schools are more challenged to carry out asset maintenance and improve the quality of their internal environments. The programme is going to target all small or isolated schools – approximately 550 schools.

Detailed planning is now underway to deliver four internal interventions. This planning includes:

• Product tenders and contracts (LEDs, Acoustic Panels, Thermal Blankets and RCDs) • Freight and Shipping tender and contract (product delivery to schools)

• Project Managers (and Installers) tenders and contracts

• Finalisation of approach and ordering of schools in the programme

More information should be made available later this year once the planning has been completed. On ground physical delivery of improvements will be in 2020/2021.