Policy/Guideline Update

/Policy/Guideline Update

Policy Update

Part 33 Education Act 1989 - Amended 2017 One of the additions in the Act was the right of the Minister to seek conversations with Proprietors relating to sustainability and viability of networks.  It is important for all schooling systems, including integrated schools, to have well developed property plans which show how we are managing [...]

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Policy Update

Education Act Update Boards are reminded that there are changes to statutory interventions, cohort entry, compulsory attendance, arrangements for off-site locations, changes to consultation and physical restraint. A summary document is available on request from NZCEO.     Guidance for Proprietors around Complying with S427 and S457 of the Education Act NZCEO is still working [...]

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Policy Update

Updated Documentation as a Result of the Replacement of the PSCI Act  Review and updating of documents containing references to Part 33 of the Education Act 1989, which has subsumed the material in the PSCI Act, is almost complete. Information will be provided as soon as possible. New TCI Qualifications Approved TCI is congratulated on [...]

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School News Update

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand - State of the Environment The latest State of the Environment for Oceania 2017 Report: Turning the Tide, was released by Caritas on St Francis Day, Wednesday 4 October. http://www.caritas.org.nz/state-environment.  We congratulate Caritas on this important report. It is very worth reading and using with students. Did You Know? [...]

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Policy Update

Reminder to Boards of Trustees about GovTalks  NZSTA has a Govtalks website dedicated to useful videos for school Boards of Trustees. Board members are encouraged to visit the site. Click here for more information  http://www.govtalks.co.nz/leadership?videopage=2 “Tagged” Positions in Integrated Schools Proprietors, Boards of Trustees and Principals are reminded that S65 and S66 in the PSCI Act are [...]

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Recent Publications from ERO

Year 9 Plus 2016 – the first year (Year 9), is a report on this initiative to improve the chances of educational success of one cohort of students.  http://www.ero.govt.nz/publications/year-9-plus-2016-the-first-year-year-9/ Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity in NZ Schools and Early Learning Services.  http://www.ero.govt.nz/publications/food-nutrition-and-physical-activity-in-nz-schools-and-early-learning-services School trustees booklet: helping you ask the right questions, February 2017, focuses on [...]

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Policy Update

Passage of Education (Update) Amendment Bill into Law The Education (Update) Amendment Bill passed its third reading in Parliament on 11 May 2017. The Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975 is now subsumed into this Act as Part 33. The Ministry of Education and APIS will work to provide appropriate updating of schools’ Integration Agreements [...]

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Recent Publications from ERO

All of these publications are accessible on the ERO website. School Trustees Booklet: Helping You to Ask the Right Questions Focuses on the role the board plays in student achievement and wellbeing and includes questions and information to guide board discussion. Communities of Learning / Kāhui Ako Resources: Collaboration to Improve Learner Outcomes Summarises [...]

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Policy Update

Changes to Guidelines for the Preference of Enrolment At the end of 2016 the NZCBC made a change to preference of enrolment criterion 5.4. This was circulated, and then a further update was provided in February 2017 to Bishops/diocesan administrators. Schools and parishes should already have copies, but if necessary it can be sourced from [...]

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Results 2012 Audits – Auditor General Report – State Integrated Schools

Part 5: State-integrated schools  The 330 or so state-integrated schools comprise 13% of all state schools. About 88,000 pupils attend state-integrated schools, former private schools that are now part of the state education  system. State-integrated schools provide education within the framework of a religious or philosophical belief. Elected boards govern state-integrated schools, which are Crown [...]

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