NZCEO’s New Principals Programme

In 2016 the Ministry of Education ended their First Time Principals programme, changing it into a mentoring programme. NZCEO stepped in to begin a New Principals Programme in early 2017 for new Principals in our Catholic schools. This programme complements the diocesan and regional Ministry support by providing specific information about the operation of an [...]

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Policy Update

Updated Documentation as a Result of the Replacement of the PSCI Act  Review and updating of documents containing references to Part 33 of the Education Act 1989, which has subsumed the material in the PSCI Act, is almost complete. Information will be provided as soon as possible. New TCI Qualifications Approved TCI is congratulated on [...]

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School News Update

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand - State of the Environment The latest State of the Environment for Oceania 2017 Report: Turning the Tide, was released by Caritas on St Francis Day, Wednesday 4 October. http://www.caritas.org.nz/state-environment.  We congratulate Caritas on this important report. It is very worth reading and using with students. Did You Know? [...]

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Congratulations to Schools and Individuals

Otago, Southland Regions: Roncalli College, Timaru: Caitlin Bradley won the senior category of the Caritas SINGout4JUSTICE song writing competition with her song ‘Stronger Together.’ Kavanagh College, Dunedin: Tobias Devereux recently won the University of Otago Junior Maths competition in which he achieved an almost perfect score. Tobias also gained High Distinction in the ICAS (Australasian) [...]

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Uni Lasalle: Tertiary Students Return to Assist Lasallian Schools

Denis Tutake, Former Campus Minister and Peter Autagavaia, Vice President Uni Lasalle Uni Lasalle is a group of former Lasallian students attending tertiary institutes in Auckland who aim to re-ignite and live by the Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Community at the tertiary level. The Lasallian charism is commonly active amongst the three Lasallian [...]

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Challenging the Secular/Humanist Path

Colin McLeod, Director NCRS  Don’t be frightened of teaching young people our Catholic message, because if we don’t answer their deep questions you can be sure that others will. One of the particularly challenging aspects of living in the digital age is that there are such strong voices for choosing a secular/humanist path over a [...]

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Curriculum at St Teresa’s Karori

Mary-Angela Tombs, Principal   At St Teresa's School Karori, Wellington we set about designing a vibrant and responsive curriculum that explicitly communicates what we are about as a Catholic school. Our driving force was our belief that: our Catholic Character, through our school's Mission, Vision and Gospel Values, must motivate learning we are different from [...]

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School and Parish – Evangelisation Initiatives

Here are some of the initiatives being put in place by schools round the country. Life in the school also means life in the parish, so whānau new to the school are welcomed at the next school/parish Mass by the whole faith community, parish priest and principal. They are presented with a certificate of welcome [...]

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Excellence as a Value, as Used By St Teresa’s School Karori, Wellington

Mary-Angela Tombs, Principal     We talk about excellence as being the best you can be, as Jesus was, for example below: excellence is not about getting everything right - it's about making mistakes and learning from them, and being fully present in the moment - Peter's attempts to walk on water, denial of Jesus [...]

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