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Summer Reflection

Summer barbeques are a great place for generations to mix and share ideas as families gather and relax together. In 2017 the election result challenged many of my generation because of the way MMP seemed to shift the will of the largest group of voters to elect a group of minority parties to become the [...]

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Connecting with Millennials

In her book, It’s About Learning, Louise Stoll tells the story of a parent who laments the change in the pedagogy associated with spelling. She complains to her child’s teacher and says, “Why can’t we learn to spell the way I did by using rote learning?”  The teacher looks at the parent and says, “I can [...]

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As a young person I was raised by parents who saw it as their right and duty to define the beliefs and values that we would take into our adult life. On this basis they chose our religion and they made it clear what our politics should be. They believed they were giving us something [...]

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Policy Update

Changes to Guidelines for the Preference of Enrolment At the end of 2016 the NZCBC made a change to preference of enrolment criterion 5.4. This was circulated, and then a further update was provided in February 2017 to Bishops/diocesan administrators. Schools and parishes should already have copies, but if necessary it can be sourced from [...]

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It is not Religion, it is Survival

There is a growing awareness in our lives that the world is threatened not only by the arms race, regional conflicts and continued injustices among people and nations but by a lack of respect for the environment. Continuing to disregard the fragile nature of our planet will seriously threaten our way of life and more [...]

It is not Religion, it is Survival 2017-06-19T16:42:27+00:00

Exaggerating the Potential of Schools to Reduce the Gap

In the recent issue of NZ Principal, Emeritus Professor Warwick Elley says that the Minister exaggerates the potential of schools to reduce the gap between high and low achievers. He notes that the opposition from Primary Teachers is now having an influence on the way the Investing in Educational Success is iterating from its first [...]

Exaggerating the Potential of Schools to Reduce the Gap 2017-06-20T12:29:39+00:00
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