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Exaggerating the Potential of Schools to Reduce the Gap

In the recent issue of NZ Principal, Emeritus Professor Warwick Elley says that the Minister exaggerates the potential of schools to reduce the gap between high and low achievers. He notes that the opposition from Primary Teachers is now having an influence on the way the Investing in Educational Success is iterating from its first [...]

Exaggerating the Potential of Schools to Reduce the Gap2017-06-20T12:29:39+12:00

Bethlehem College Kenyan Tragedy

Dear Colleagues, We were all shocked to learn last week of the tragic loss of life in the motor vehicle accident that killed three members of the Bethlehem College community as they were going about their generous aid project for a school community in western Kenya. Now that the bodies of the victims have been [...]

Bethlehem College Kenyan Tragedy2017-07-27T12:07:58+12:00

New Year Message to New Zealand’s Catholic School Communities

Principal/Trustees & Staff of New Zealand Catholic Schools Dear Colleagues, Welcome to the 2013 School Year!! Introduction Hopefully, you enjoyed a restful and rejuvenating holiday period and are now able to face the New Year with energy and enthusiasm. Rapidly Growing Ethnic Diversity Our Catholic schools are leading the way in welcoming a growing range [...]

New Year Message to New Zealand’s Catholic School Communities2017-07-27T12:28:28+12:00

How Big is my World?

From time to time we all get frustrated by somebody’s rather narrow view of the world on a particular issue.  Talkback radio and inane conversations are often situations where strident pronouncements occur. Despite the knowledge and skills we each have, there is always the danger that what we believe to be the case about something [...]

How Big is my World?2017-08-22T15:15:24+12:00

The Power of Persuasion and Influence

Historically, the nature of influence and persuasion has dramatically evolved over the last one hundred and fifty years. Gone are the days when a leader stood before a crowd and simply bellowed in order to communicate with those he wished to influence. Today influence has never been easier to engage in, given the spectrum of [...]

The Power of Persuasion and Influence2017-08-24T11:32:09+12:00

The New Year

Only an extreme optimist facing the New Year would venture to pronounce the problems of 2011 are behind the global community. The first few weeks of January, however, lead one to conclude that volatility in its many guises will accompany the world again this year. This is not a pessimistic view, but simply a realistic [...]

The New Year2017-08-11T15:10:06+12:00
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